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Model: EinScan-H
Scan Mode: Standard scan, Body Scan & Face Scan
Mode of Alignment: Markers Alignment, Feature Alignment, Hybrid Alignment, Texture Alignment
Single Shot Accuracy: ≤0.05 mm
Range of Single Capture: 420×440 mm
Scan Speed: 1,200,00 points/s
Point Distance: 0.25mm - 3mm
Texture: Yes
File Format: OBJ;STL;ASC;PLY;P3;3MF
Light Source: Infrared, White Light
Working Distance: 470 mm
Computer Requirements: NVIDIA GTX1080 and higher;
Win10,64 bit;
Processor:I7-8700; Memory:≥32GB
Weight: 0.703 kg
Dimension: 108mm x 110mm x 237mm