Raise3D E2

E2 brings some distinguishing features: * Print volume of 330mm x 240mm x 240mm * Independent Dual Extruders, which allow Inverse and Duplicate printing * Industrial video-assisted offset calibration guide * Auto Bed Levelling * Automatic printing pause when the front door is opened * Power save mode option * Flexible Build Plate

Raise3D E2 Printer

1. IDEX (Independent Dual Extruders)
2. Mirror Mode / Duplication Mode
3. Auto Bed Leveling
4. Industry First Video-Assisted Offset Calibration System
5. Safety Features
6. Power Saving Button
7. Flexible Build Plate
8. Variety of Material Compatibility
9. Build Volume (W×D×H)
Single Extruder Print:
13×9.4×9.4 inch / 330×240×240 mm
Dual Extruder Print:
11.6×9.4×9.4 inch / 295×240×240 mm